Coal Mining

July 15, 2022

Will Coal be Outlawed?

Are you bombarded with many messages, from the media, social media and second hand from your family and friends?  Do you have trouble determining what information is accurate?  I certainly struggle every day to determine the real truth.  So I suggest you treat the information provided in this blog post with a healthy dose of skepticism!  Many sources provide the message that “coal is on the way out”.  I am asked frequently: “Will Coal be Outlawed?”.  Is this true?  In some ways yes, however you will be able to purchase anthracite coal to heat your home for the foreseeable future. 
A Home Improvement Idea for a Cozy Home
Are you interested in home improvement?  Do you feel that there is something missing in your back yard.  Have you been looking for an easy home improvement idea for a cozy home. Additionally, do you love the outdoors and enjoy experiencing nature? If so you might agree that nothing feels better than spending a night out in the wild with your friends around a bonfire. If you want to experience this same feeling at home a fire pit can be the solution.   This blog provides my top 6 ways that a Fire Pit can make your time at home better!
Many of you have heard of Salt Life.  It is a brand started as a decal in 2003 created by 4 waterman from Jacksonville Fl.  It grew into a line of clothing, performance wear, sunglasses and accessories sold in 10 retail outlets as well as online.  You can even eat in restaurants bearing the Salt Life name.  This community of likeminded individuals share a passion for activity relating to the ocean.  I provide this example as a way of getting my message across about Anthracite Life. Very few people know about anthracite never mind the term “Anthracite Life”.  As I
Using anthracite for heating in American homes started rising in popularity in the 1850s when mining practices were improved and people realized that it produces higher heat levels than wood. Anthracite Coal produces more BTUs per pound, is easier to handle, and is smokeless. To this day, many American households use anthracite for stoves, furnaces, and boilers to keep warm for less cost. Given the growing demand for anthracite as a residential fuel and heat source, educating people on the proper handling of anthracite-burning equipment becomes more crucial. Using it has many benefits, but it comes with a few drawbacks that
best solution for inexpensive heat
As we look forward to spring and the end of winter, many of you are looking for ways to keep their homes warm and cozy without breaking the bank. This past winter had many challenges with dramatic increases in energy costs and severe cold. There are many ways to reduce your heating cost while staying warm. If you’re looking to research the best solution for inexpensive heat, check out these ten ideas. Many of the ideas are little or no cost and are easy to accomplish, so roll up your sleeves and get to work! There’s sure to be a
Energy costs in the United States have skyrocketed in the past months. This causes many home owners to look for cheaper, alternative methods for keeping their homes warm and cozy. Solid fuels such as wood pellets, cord wood and anthracite coal, are all viable, lower cost alternatives to electricity, oil and propane. Statistics show that almost two million households in the United States still use either coal or wood for heating. However for many, the jury is still out on whether coal-burning delivers more advantages than wood-burning. While both wood and coal burning appliances come with their own unique perks,
Coal Stove
Choosing the correct Anthracite burning room heater (stove) is easy once you define how you want it to operate and how it should look. A coal stove is a perfect choice for heating your whole home from a central location. It also adds to the aesthetic of your home, creating a warm and inviting vibe. The first question is hand-fired Vs. Stoker? Hand-fired stoves do not require electricity to stay burning, whereas stoker stoves require electricity. The benefit of a stoker is automatic coal feed and an easy-to-fill hopper for long burn times and more even heat output. Additionally, Leisure
How Do I Stay Warm For Less Mone
Do you want to be warm in the wintertime? Of course! Do you need to break the bank to get through these chilly days and nights? Not at all! While it may seem counterintuitive, there are some easy ways to stay warm for less money! Check out this list for four great tips on how to keep your house warm this winter with minimal effort and low expense! 4 Tips To Stay Warmer for Less Money 1. Opt For A Stove With High-Efficiency Heat Output (a room heater that heats the whole house from the living area) An anthracite coal