Are you interested in home improvement?  Do you feel that there is something missing in your back yard.  Have you been looking for an easy home improvement idea for a cozy home.

Additionally, do you love the outdoors and enjoy experiencing nature? If so you might agree that nothing feels better than spending a night out in the wild with your friends around a bonfire. If you want to experience this same feeling at home a fire pit can be the solution.   This blog provides my top 6 ways that a Fire Pit can make your time at home better!


Research The Types Of Fire Pits Before Purchase

There are many styles and types of fire pits available for purchase.  Some are permanently installed (built in).  Portable units come in two different styles, welded together and portable.


There are also many fuel types to consider including wood, coal, propane, natural gas, and gel fuel.  The most popular are the simple wood fire pits.  Some of these can also burn  anthracite for longer burn times and easier transportation of the fuel.


Gas and gel fueled fire pits require a different kind of fuel source and generally are not portable.  Connection of gas lines or refilling of gas cylinders is an added expense.  Gel type fuel is also harder to get in some areas, research what is available in your area before purchase.


Leisure Line makes portable fire pits that can be disassembled and used at home or you can take it camping.  The stainless steel version is sturdy and will last a life time.  You can find many accessories on many different websites.  Everything from grill tops to pizza ovens are possible!

Six Benefits Provided by a Fire Pit

1 – A Fire Pit Will Beautify Your Yard

Nothing says cozy better than a fire burning out in your yard at night. A fire pit will provide a focal point for gatherings. You can even install wood or stone benches around your fire pit to section your yard and elevate the space. Use your imagination to plan out an area that will the most beautiful and relaxing resort lounges!


2 – Your Fire Pit Can Be A Guest Lounge Area

Do you love having guests over but are worried about not having enough indoor space to accommodate them? Then, why not take them outdoors! A beautifully designed yard with a fire pit centerpiece is enough to make any guest feel comfortable, warm, and welcome. As a bonus, you don’t need to worry about messes or spills when you take your party outside!


3 – You Can Take Your Fire Pit Along For Camping Trips

If you choose to purchase a portable fire pit it can travel with you for outdoor fun.  Portable fire pits provide a safe way to have a nice fire while out in nature. It  preserves the surroundings, as you will not need to stoke a fire directly on the ground. A fire burnt on the ground can build up heat that could reignite after you leave.


4 – You Can Host Barbecues Over Your Fire Pit

Fire pits are not just for s’mores on a winter night; they are also great for summer barbecues and family reunions! Fire pits are perfect for cooking a wide range of grilled dishes. When hosting a community or neighborhood gathering, fire pits also create a very approachable ambiance and could be very effective in enticing passersby to join the soirée!


5 – An Outdoor Fire Pit Can Repel Insects

If you love reading a book out on the patio or enjoying the neighborhood scenery from time to time, you would know how much of a bummer it is to be bothered by flying, buzzing critters. A chapter into your favorite novel, and you might not be able to focus due to the itchy insect bites tormenting you. Well, the good news is your fire pit can serve as your supersized and supercharged mosquito repellent! Sit near the pit or – if it is portable – drag it closer to where you are and stoke a flame. Toss a couple of thyme leaves on the fire, and you can now relax! While some herbs are more effective in chasing away mosquitoes, the smoke on its own could be enough of a deterrent for them to even come near you.


6 – A Fire Pit Can Increase Your Property’s Value

Nobody can deny the charm of having a private campfire in the comfort of their back yard. If you put the work in, an elegantly designed fire pit area will attract more potential buyers.  You will create a back yard that invites people to spend time outdoors.  This will increase the value of your home and make it easier to sell.   Even a portable fire pit can provide this benefit as long as you put effort into the surroundings.



A final note of caution before you go:  Remember to remain mindful of neighbors and the environment when dealing with outdoor flames.  It is critical to check the wind direction and weather forecast before lighting a backyard fire. Strong gusts may cause brush fires and other accidents inside your home or within your neighborhood.  Be considerate and ask your neighbors to ensure none of them has a respiratory ailment.  Smoke from your fire pit should be kept to a minimum by burning dry and seasoned wood.  If your fire pit is rated for it anthracite coal provides a safer, smoke free burn that lasts longer and is hotter.


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