Many of you have heard of Salt Life.  It is a brand started as a decal in 2003 created by 4 waterman from Jacksonville Fl.  It grew into a line of clothing, performance wear, sunglasses and accessories sold in 10 retail outlets as well as online.  You can even eat in restaurants bearing the Salt Life name.  This community of likeminded individuals share a passion for activity relating to the ocean.  I provide this example as a way of getting my message across about Anthracite Life.

Very few people know about anthracite never mind the term “Anthracite Life”.  As I write this post, it seems a risk to put this idea forward, however as with anything in life, no risk equals no reward.  So…. this blog post clarifies what I think defines Anthracite Life is.  Not only relating to the Leisure Line Brand but to all of those who utilize this amazing fuel to make a better life for themselves.

The Meaning of Anthracite Life

I have written numerous blog posts on this site defining anthracite and its benefits.  For example: Last month’s blog ” All About Anthracite Stoves: A Simple Safety Guide ” and the December post” How Do I Stay Warm For Less Money? “.  The big question remains, what does Anthracite Life mean?  Simply put, it is a way of life that is based on burning anthracite coal to stay warm during the cold winter months.  Beyond that it also defines a certain type of individual who is self reliant, responsible, hard working, wants to do their own work around the home and most importantly a person who is the exception.  The term exception refers to a small segment of our society who don’t always (or never) go along with what they are told.  This person is always asking questions and forms his or her own opinions about what is right for them.  A special type of human who wants to do things their own way and is not looking for approval.  Most importantly it describes a passion for utilizing anthracite to provide heat for their family.  Leisure Line Stove Company appreciates and identifies with you.  We provide products to help you live life on your own terms.  We provide quality anthracite burning products and customer service second to none.  In short, we are all about Anthracite Life, it is a core part of our brand.

 Team Anthracite Life

Leisure Line wants to create a place for likeminded individuals to share ideas, support each other and help others to understand the benefits of Anthracite Life.  We created a Face Book group to start this effort rolling forward.  It is a work in progress with only a few members so far, but we hope to create space where people can support each other and ask questions.  I am developing Educational content to help anyone who burns anthracite regardless of type or brand of stove/boiler/furnace.  Compared to our feeble attempt, the coal pail forum has been around for a long time and has many members.  I encourage checking it out if you have not already.

What Can We Do Next?

It is up to all of us to educate those around us about the benefits of anthracite.  Please support each other, answer questions, speak up when someone is misinformed, and join in on social media and other posts that relate to anthracite.  Write to me at and share your thoughts on this subject.  I welcome and need your input.


This is the first in a series of posts I will write in exploring, and defining Anthracite Life.  We all face many challenges, including the current political climate and increased in energy costs.  Anthracite Life is not the right choice for many, but if it feels right to you, please join us!