Do you want to be warm in the wintertime? Of course! Do you need to break the bank to get through these chilly days and nights? Not at all! While it may seem counterintuitive, there are some easy ways to stay warm for less money! Check out this list for four great tips on how to keep your house warm this winter with minimal effort and low expense!

4 Tips To Stay Warmer for Less Money

1. Opt For A Stove With High-Efficiency Heat Output (a room heater that heats the whole house from the living area)

An anthracite coal stoker stove is the easiest way to heat your home, not to mention it’s environmentally sustainable! Current mining operations are returning the land to its original condition. Today’s mining techniques are reversing even the past practices of leaving large open pits. A quality Leisure Line stoker stove is easy to install and can be vented without a chimney. Compared to wood stoves, Leisure Line automatic coal stoker stoves have much higher efficiency for creating a cozy warm home. The flue temperatures are 75% lower, meaning the heat goes in your home instead of up the chimney. Anthracite also produces almost twice the heat per pound than traditional log fires or wood pellet stoves. In addition, they don’t need constant tending throughout the day, which saves you time for other tasks around the house. While coal heat has been around for years, the design of Leisure Line stoves utilize today’s technology! The Coal-Troll system controls the stove function automatically and increases the speed of the room air fan to match the amount of coal burning. Stoves are incredibly efficient for heating a large area. While they are an initial investment, you can quickly recoup your money in energy savings. Choose a Leisure Line stoker stove to create a cozy and warm home. While they can be very effective, the high-efficiency models are better on the wallet too.

How Do I Stay Warm For Less Money

2. Invest In Anthracite Coal Stoker For Your Basement (a room heater that heats the whole house from the basement)

The Hyfire and Pocono stoves by Leisure Line are designed to heat your home from the basement. They are efficient, easy to operate, and simple to install. Heating from an uninsulated basement will require a bit more coal but has the added benefit of keeping the floors warm in your home. In this configuration, the basement door will need to remain open to allow heat transfer upstairs. These models can also be ducted into the return side of your hot air furnace using a hot air jacket to make heat transfer upstairs even easier. Heating from the basement has some benefits. The storage of coal and servicing of the stove is removed from the living area. Anthracite coal is a cleaner and more environmentally friendly fuel, which will not negatively impact the environment. In addition to this, investing in it would also be a safer option as anthracite coal prices won’t fluctuate as wildly as other fossil fuels do. Lastly, this investment has long-term benefits because anthracite coal has no current production limits.

3. Central Heating By Connecting a Quality Leisure Line Stoker Boiler to Your System

Are you looking for an alternative to stoves? Take advantage of the central hot water heating system already installed in your home. Leisure Line Stoker Boilers are a perfect choice! These appliances work by heating water circulated throughout your home via baseboard, radiators, or underfloor heating systems. This method is more efficient because it utilizes your existing system to evenly distribute heat throughout your home.

Leisure Line stoker boilers are an excellent choice because they’re durable, easier to clean, and highly efficient. The pressure vessels are ASME and Board Certified and can be installed in residential and commercial applications. The WL110 model also comes standard with oil backup to allow heating your home when you go on vacation and cannot load coal and take out the ashes. There are also optional propane and natural gas burners available for this model.

4. Central Heating By Connecting a Highly Efficient Leisure Line Hot Air Furnace to Your System

The Leisure Line stoker hot air furnaces are the most efficient in the industry. We feature a full-sized tube heat exchanger in the combustion chamber. This pulls every bit of available heat from the anthracite coal being burned, resulting in extremely low flue gas temperatures. Also, the 1800 CFM fan provided with every furnace is variable speed, controlled by the Coal-Troll system to match the amount of heat being generated by the anthracite on the burn grate. Whether you are heating a home or a workshop, these furnaces deliver maxim heat and are easy to operate and install. The constant heat output keeps the ductwork warm, and combined with the variable speed fan, provides a more even temperature than traditional oil or gas fire units. The optional cold air return box features a 20″X20″ inlet with a slide-in filter to keep your space free from dust. Also, there is a small amount of radiant heat coming off the front of the furnace, keeping the basement warm and dry. Set the desired temperature on the Coal-Troll Thermostat and relax in the cozy warmth that anthracite heat provides. You only need to add coal and take out the ashes, no cleaning of the heat exchanger is required during the heating season.


We hope that this blog helps answer your questions as to how do I stay warm for less money? The key is investing in high-efficiency heat sources and using them wisely. For example, opt for an anthracite stoker stove rather than using wood pellets or cordwood as fuel. There are no creosote or chimney fires to worry about with anthracite coal. Consider your individual wants and needs before selecting one of the various options for heating your home. As with any solid fuel method of heating your home, anthracite is not for everyone. Contact us with any questions, and we would love to speak with you! Leisure Line Stove Company specializes in anthracite coal stoker stoves, hot air furnaces, and boilers. We care about you and your individual energy needs! We make sure our products match your requirements before the sale. Our anthracite coal units will save you money on heating costs without sacrificing quality or safety standards by applying the best available technology and the individual care put into every product. Contact us today for your heating needs!