Tired of being cold, thermostat set at 60 wearing sweatshirt and sweatpants, just to be able to pay the heating bill? Get real!! I work too hard to give my paycheck to the multi-billion dollar utilities. It’s time to look at a Leisure Line Coal Stoker. Making heat the affordable way!

Coal Burning Stoves

Coal Burning Stoves

Coal stoves are nothing new, but what is new is the way that Leisure Line extracts the heat produced from its stokers. With our unique air wash system, computer control, and the overall high efficiency of our stoves, we send the heat into your home not up the chimney.

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Central Heating with Coal

Central Heating with Coal

If you are looking to take control of your heating bills and still want warmth and comfort, anthracite coal stoker furnaces and boilers from Leisure Line are the perfect fit. They are the ideal combination of energy efficiency, affordability and dependability.

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