Thermostat for Coal-Trol All Stoves

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This version of the thermostat is used on all stoves (even the double burner Hyfire).  It is also used on the single burner AK110 furnace.  If you have a double burner furnace then the dual burner thermostat is needed.

We apologize for any inconvenience, however this version of control for our stoves has been phased out due to parts availability.  The exciting news is that a new style control will be available in late April/early May directly from the manufacturer, Automation Correct in Syracuse NY ( ).  The new control will be also be delivered with new stoves starting at that time and is compatible with all Leisure Line Stoves with the Coal-Trol system.  It offers simpler operation, backlighting, more available display characters and a clean contemporary look.  See the picture in the product gallery for a sneak peek.

If you need a replacement due to a failure of your current TS2, please contact us for a possible repair.  As always call us at 570-752-1811 for troubleshooting assistance, Matt is standing by for your call and would love to help you!