December 2020

The new stove named the All American Heater is up and running and getting ready for UL/CAN testing.  We hope to have this new stove in production by early next year along with a new TS2 Coal-Trol thermostat.

New Product

Prototype in process of prep for burning test.


New Coal-Trol prototype available early 2021

Stove shown burning, many revisions are underway, it is going to have louvers in the front instead of screen, bigger hopper with slanted bottom, and the big bulky, noisy fans on the side will be replaced by several smaller units with a filter cover over them.

June 2018

Great news!  If you are tired of the high cost/lower energy output/stove maintenance issues with your wood pellet stove we have a solution.  We now offer a direct vent for venting our stoves without a chimney.  This unit can be connected to any of our single burner stoves and vents through 4″ Class B Stainless lined pellet vent.  The unit attaches directly to the back of the stove and is equipped with a built in 4″ barometric damper and CO detector interlock.  It can be used on top vent or back vent stoves.  The unit is quiet and requires minimal maintenance.  The Direct Vent Manual is on-line in the Owners Manual Section.  This owners manual insert has some new information:  Leisure Line Direct Vent Bulletin 9_15_18

July 2015

We have changed the standard Aquastat on the boilers from the Honeywell Electronic unit to the HydroStat Model 3250 Plus with built in low water cutoff.  When existing stock runs out the new units will be shipped with the new control.  More information is available here: If you are interested in purchasing the new Aquastat for your existing boiler please contact us.

July 2015

The Outdoor boiler production model has been delayed by a supply issue with the panel manufacturer.  We do not want to offer these units for sale until all issues are resolved.  In the mean time you can purchase an AA220 and install it in a shed, we will assist with any questions you may have since many of our customers have already done this.  We apologize for the delay and are working diligently to resolve the issue.

July 2013

We are working on an outdoor boiler that is based on the AA220 unit and will be completely self contained with optional automatic ash removal and 2, 4 or 6 ton remote storage with automatic feed. The first prototypes will be available in late August and will look similar to the sketch shown below. Please contact us if you are interested in helping us test this new design as one of our first customers to purchase one.

Leisure Line Outdoor Coal Stoker Design Concept

February 2013

The 60 CFM Combustion Fans found on the WL110 and AA220 Boilers have been found to be undersized in some installations, the symptoms are flames coming off the coal bed at full fire that are only 8 to 10″ tall. This issue first appeared during the colder weather in January. Research using the 60 CFM fan showed that it needs to be replaced by a 65 CFM fan on some boilers (to ensure no issues we are shipping the larger fan with all new Boilers from now on). The larger combustion fans bolt on in place of the old fans and need to be adjusted for proper over fire draft (the procedure is found here). If you feel you have a under performing Combustion Fan contact your dealer and we can determine if you need a new larger fan.