1. The green labeled cord on the black thermostat box is not to be used (it is designed for the ignitor which we do not sell with the stoves), please do not plug anything into this cord.

2. The power venter must be plugged directly into the wall outlet, this does not get plugged into the thermostat box, Your WMO-1 Safety Switch must be also plugged into the wall and your thermostat box plugged into that, this will ensure that your coal feed and combustion fan shuts down in the event of a power vent failure. The Field Controls Super Lube is the only Manufacturer’s recommended lubricant for your power venter, please ask your dealer about purchasing this oil at the time of Power Vent purchase.

3. Your stove will come complete with Instruction DVD, Fire Stop Ring and Instruction Manual, your Power Vent will come with an Instruction Manual and Maintenance Instructions. If you do not receive these items please contact your dealer to get them.

4. The Econo Convection Fan is designed to run all the time, if your Coal-Trol has shut this fan down, contact your dealer to get instructions for keeping it running. While lighting your Econo it is advisable to plug the convection fan into the wall outlet directly to ensure that it is running at full speed during this high heat event.

Installation of Hot Air Jacket

A qualified person must perform all work. Install your coal stoker into the cold air return side of your existing hot air furnace. When doing this, have a hot air jacket on the stove to absorb as much heat as possible. Make sure you use a fan limit switch to turn on your existing furnace fan. Wire the fan limit switch into the AC side of your furnace fan control.

IMPORTANT: When operating the coal stove, never exceed 103 degrees Fahrenheit air temperature (ambient) at the furnace motor. We also recommend installing the distribution fan(s) that comes with the stove. This will make for a more airflow through the hottest part of your stove.

Floor Diagram

This diagram is to be used only for suggestions. Your application may vary from this. Please consult with a professional before installing.

Hot Air Jacket Floor Diagram