These are some things to know about installking your hot air furnace

These are some things to know about installing your hot air furnace

We try to anticipate questions you might have about Anthracite Coal in a Leisure Line Stove and provide the answers here. If you need additional information send email to

Does the Leisure Line Stove qualify for a renewable energy tax credit?
No, as a rule most Anthracite Coal stoker stoves do not qualify for this program.
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Can a Leisure Line Stove burn other types of coal besides Anthracite or hard coal?
No, although some of the western Bituminous Coal that is very low in volitiles and sulpher has been successfuly burned in Leisure Line Stoves. We do not certify this however since our stoves are only UL listed for use with Anthracite Coal.
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How much coal will my stove use per heating season?
This depends on how much heat your home will need to keep you comfortable, Anthracite Coal yeilds an average 12,500 btus per pound, so if your home requires an average 45,000 btus per hour during the colder months you would use one and a quarter tons a month. Since there are typically 3 colder months per winter your coal usage would be around four tons per heating season. This would be typical usage for a 2,500 square foot adequately insulated home.
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How much does Anthracite Coal cost per ton?
There is a wide range of pricing for coal, generally the further you are from the coal fields in North East Pennsylvania the more you will pay. Prices for coal picked up at the breaker (this is where the coal is processed into the size for the various types of coal burning appliances) range from around $120 per to $175 per ton. Bagged coal is more expensive than bulk coal and starts at around $200 per ton picked up at the bagging plant. For storage of bulk you can count on 40 pounds per cubic foot, a coal bin can be fabricated from 2X4 lumber and 7/16 OSB panels.
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How often will my ash pan require emptying?
Most Anthracite coal ranges in ash content from 6% to 18%, this means that for every 100 pounds burned there will be 6 to 18 pounds of ash. Most Leisure Line Stoves are designed so that one hopper full of coal will equal one full ash pan burning decent grade coal. This means that for average burn rates the ash pan will be emptied every one to three days.
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