Welcome to the Leisure Line Stove Company website, representing an American Manufacturing Company specializing in Anthracite Coal Stoker Stoves, Boilers and Hot Air Furnaces!


Discover one of the best kept energy cost savings secrets! Anthracite Coal is clean burning and costs less per million BTUs than any other energy source out there! Leisure Line automatic coal stoker units will save you money and keep you warm!

Are high oil or other energy costs draining your wallet? Consider burning Pennsylvania Mined Anthracite Coal you will not only help reduce American reliance on foreign energy, you will be helping to keep Americans working!

Are You Looking for a Less Expensive Option for Keeping Your Home Warm?

Tired of being cold, thermostat set at 60 wearing sweatshirt and sweatpants, just to be able to pay the heating bill. Get real!! I work too hard to give my paycheck to the multi-billion dollar utilities. It’s time to look at a Leisure Line Coal Stoker. Making heat the affordable way. The people at Leisure Line use the products they sell. We have four (4) different stove sizes/models to choose from, ranging from 70,000 BTUs to 180,000 BTUs – Thermostatically or manually controlled, big or small. We also have two (2) boiler models and two (2) hot air furnace models to choose from ranging from 110,000 BTUs to 220,000 BTUs.

Leisure Line Coal stokers make saving money on home heating easy. With our stokers, making heat with inexpensive anthracite coal is synonymous with Leisure Line. Nothing compares to the warmth you feel from our coal stoves. Coal burning is clean and easy with Leisure Line.

Coal stoves are nothing new, but what is new is the way that Leisure Line extracts the heat produced from its stokers. With our unique air wash system, computer control, and the overall high efficiency of our stoves, we send the heat into your home not up the chimney.

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Our Quality Built Leisure Line Stoker Stoves, Boilers, and Furnaces May be the Best Choice for You

Compare our stoves, boilers and hot air furnaces to others. Leisure Line stokers are all automatic, pour coal into the large hopper and let the thermostat operate the stove. With our stove there are no moveable grates to worry about. Never shake another grate, or dump another fire. Our unique burner is simple and robust. Our design which shovels the coal onto the burn grate, rather than pushing the coal, creates more air pockets to make for a cleaner burning stove. When you shop for a coal stoker ask to see how the burner works, this is the heart of any stoker stove. We are proud of our design and think it is the best out there for simplicity, efficiency and reliability. Our feeder utilizes a bearing arm to move the feeder shovel. This design eliminates extra moving parts and provides maximum reliability. Our high quality American made gear motors and bulletproof design makes our coal feeder number one.

Another winning feature of Leisure Line is the way our thermostat controls our convection fans on our stoves and furnaces. We don’t rely on a fan limit switch, where the convection fan runs wide open or not at all. We ramp our fan up and down. So, when the thermostat is controlling the heat output, it is also controlling the fan output. No more running back and forth to the stove to turn the dials, adjust feed ratio or play with the rheostat settings. With our “built for Leisure Line” digital programmable Coal-trol Thermostat all you need to do is set it and forget it.

Don D. of Syracuse, NY stated, “…by having the Coal-trol thermostat on my Leisure Line stove, I saved somewhere between 11-15% of coal throughout the entire heating season. The Coal-trol really is the next best thing in stoker stoves”.